Building Management Solutions

Building Management Solutions

Bayouni Technology can successfully integrate, install and maintain building management systems and provide life cycle support

Making it easier to increase comfort, safety and security for your occupants.

We offer a scalable range of building management and intelligent building solutions and services — from individual subsystems to fully integrated intelligent buildings — that reduce risk while delivering world class operating and energy efficiency. 


Our building control technology helps meet the comfort and safety needs of your occupants while also increasing your operational and energy efficiency through a full range of HVAC, energy, lighting, air quality, gas detection, and smoke management solutions. The single coordinated view of these systems, and their synchronized response, promotes a safer and more energy efficient building every day and better response in the event of an emergency.

Our Building Manager is an enterprise-level, open protocol solution that provides convenient, single-point monitoring and control of your building’s HVAC, lighting, energy management and environmental controls.
  • Heating
  • Ventilating
  • Zoning
  • Humidification
  • Air conditioning
  • Burner/boiler and combustion controls

Fire-Alarm System

To meet the requirements of our ever-changing market, we pride ourselves on being a

complete fire alarm system Integrator. This means our customers can rely on us for

their entire fire system requirements.

Emergency Evacuation Systems

We offer a wide range of Evacuation Systems and services based on our scalable audio and visual technologies, including Public Address systems, Integrated Solutions and Emergency Lighting. In addition to our scalable future-proof technology, we provide tailored service and maintenance packages to ensure the reliable operation of your Evacuation Systems. We develop our solutions to meet the needs of any company, building or critical infrastructure.

Intercom System

The systems here are typically chosen for new building construction, for simple installations, or if you already have an old wired system installed. We have a variety of home intercom and commercial systems to meet your needs and the expert product assistance to help you choose the best one for you. We have units that use CAT-5 wiring, kits that make ordering simple 2-wire systems easy, handset to handset units, systems that dial telephones, retrofit systems for existing installations, and a variety of other wired systems.

Bayouni Technology a Reputation that you can trust

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