I.T Solutions

Information Technology Solutions

We combain hardware and software in one enviroment so that you can able to monitor, run and the most importatnt to control your netwrok through one click.

We can design, create and implement your network contains all your hardware equipment (Telephone, Data points, Printers, etc.)

Let us take you to the lead of your network

Data System

We keep designing new data systems over and over again, We are quickly heading towards a future where numerous system designs will be necessary.

We are capable of design,

  • WAN & LAN Configurations Network.
  • Data Management Solution.
  • Network Systems Architecture.
  • Security Assessment & Testing.

Master-Clock System

In time-related applications you must determine which clock will be used as the reference for all other clocks and understand how to transfer the time from the reference clock to all other clocks. The solution is a special timing reference clock, or master clock. The method by which the accuracy of the master clock is transferred to another, slave, or secondary clock, is known as synchronization. BayouniTech offers a variety of master clocks, synchronization clocks, and master clock systems to meet a broad set of requirements. Typically, GPS satellite signals are utilized for synchronization to ensure accurate time, but other references such as local atomic clocks can be used.

Telephone System

Whether you run a boutique firm or a large, publicly traded corporation, we've got a communication solution to unify your employees, customers and stakeholders. From our IP phones and digital phones to our market-leading cordless solution, you'll find advanced features to connect your company like never before.

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